Vandals tag councilman's car as part of spree

Vandals tag councilman's car as part of spree

Vandals tag councilman's car as part of spree

Cohoes — A city councilman here last month had his car vandalized with blue paint in what turned out to be the first of two such incidents in Van Schaick Island in July.The vandal hadn’t even drawn anything coherent on his car, 6th Ward Councilman Randy Koniowka said. It was just a blue streak on the driver’s side of the vehicle, running from his car to the next one.

“You wake up, you want to get to work, but your car’s filled with paint, you’re not happy,” Randy Koniowka, 6th Ward Councilman said.

At least 12 vehicles as well as park equipment were tagged with inappropriate graffiti by the vandals, who have not yet been caught, Cohoes Mayor Shawn Morse said.

The two incidents were on separate sides of the island.

The first incident occurred early July 19. The vandals used blue paint in their spree, Koniowka said. His car was tagged, but he doubts the vandals were targeting him.

The second incident occurred early July 28. This time, the vandals used red paint, Koniowka said.

“Do I think it’s a punk kid doing it? Yeah, I do,” Morse said. I hope it’s not a grown-up writing those things on our parks.”

Koniowka said he was able to buff the paint off his car over the course of a day.

“I guess they don’t make spray paint as good as they used to,” Koniowka said.

Morse said a local business, Mendoza’s Body Shop, had been helping residents clear the graffiti from their cars. He asked residents to be vigilant.

“Somebody’s doing something they’re not supposed to do here,” Morse said. “We’ll find them and catch them, and I promise you they’ll pay for everything they did,”

Source: Times Union
Vandals tag councilman's car as part of spree

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