Police not convinced 'Bathorse' sculpture was vandalized

Police not convinced 'Bathorse' sculpture was vandalized

SAUGERTIES >> One man’s vandalism is another’s “horseplay,” or so it seems.

Mike La Peruta, the artist who created a “Bathorse and Robin” sculpture for Saugerties’ “Gallopin’ Around Saugerties” street art show believes the small bird at the base of his sculpture was intentionally removed.

Police Chief Joseph Sinagra isn’t so sure.

The sculpture displayed in front of Polaski Dental at the intersection of Ulster Avenue and Market Street may have been unintentionally damaged on or around June 15, according to the chief, who said an officer is reviewing surveillance videos of the area and has so far found no evidence of “intentionality.” Sinagra said the sculpture may have been a victim of “horseplay” or of the elements.


But La Peruta disagrees. He said the bird was attached to the base of the sculpture with a reinforced steel drill bit and Gorilla Glue. He said a selection of miniature comic books adhered to the base with “automotive sealant” was also damaged.

“You can tell it was intentional,” La Peruta said.

The artist said he intends to repair the sculpture and has been promised a $25 reimbursement from the Saugerties Chamber of Commerce, the show’s sponsor, for materials.

La Peruta, who said Bathorse and Robin was his fifth entry in the annual outdoor art exhibit, said he won’t be deterred from future participation by this year’s problems.

Still, he was disappointed, “There’s always expected elements damage and other damage, but I didn’t expect anybody to steal the robin,” he said.

Sinagra said the incident remains under investigation.

The show contains 30 horse statues that will auctioned in September after being on display throughout the village this summer.

Source: Daily Freeman
Police not convinced 'Bathorse' sculpture was vandalized

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