Gun control could be among the topics at Clinton’s Buffalo rally

Gun control could be among the topics at Clinton’s Buffalo rally

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Friday Hilary Clinton will pay a visit to the Queen City and with a list full of topics she’ll be speaking about, gun control could be on the list.

Clinton has been launching attack ads against rival Bernie Sanders for his record on gun control, calling him out on twitter as well.

With gun background checks surging and surpassing last years record of 23 million background checks, both gun owners and those against gun violence have very different outlooks as to why there’s an increase.

“Everyone is worried about a democrat getting into office and taking away that right. it’s not shocking to see that it is expected. It means there’s more people out there that are learning about firearms the correct way, there’s more people out there now being able to defend themselves if need be,” said Michael Deasy, Niagara Gun Range owner.

“Just the mere fact that background checks are going up just proves that gun law do work, said Paul McQuillen, upstate coordinator for New Yorker’s Against Gun Violence.

The FBI reports gun sales are still being propelled by mass terrorist shootings and some analysts say it could be due in part to Clinton’s push for stronger gun control.

“I stand with Hilary Clinton and with Governor Andrew Cuomo on that. She believes in common sense gun legislation, she believes in limiting access to guns,” said McQuillen.

“They don’t know if she really means it or not she could be flip flopping from yes to no to maybe, today’s a good day to enact gun control or maybe not because it may take away our rights, I don’t think she knows,” said Deasy.

With Clinton’s Buffalo rally less than 24 hours away, this could be a topic she focuses in on to get western New Yorker’s on her side.

Source: WIVB
Gun control could be among the topics at Clinton’s Buffalo rally

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